Gavin & Stacey Tour launched by Virgin Experience Days

A perfect gift for a Gavin & Stacey Fan.

Gavin and Stacey fans have patiently been waiting for an official announcement of series 4 ever since last years Christmas special. 

To give fans an extra special treat, virgin experience days have launched a Gavin and Stacey tour of the iconic locations from the popular TV show.

Tourists will get to see locations from the church where Neil the baby was christened, Gwen and Stacey’s homes, The famous amusement arcade on Barry Island and Nessa and Daves caravan. 

The tour lasts approximately three hours and takes you round via coach with a guided tour to the locations. 

You can purchase the tour from virgin experience days and it costs £60 for two people to go. 

The tour runs from February to October and is only available on certain Saturdays and Fridays throughout the year. Virgin experience days recommend that you book at least four weeks in advance to avoid missing out. 

A similar tour was from last year and got five-star reviews. Now is a perfect time to go and visit the set before the potential series for launch (fingers crossed).

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